• April in Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram Madurai

    our Madurai Ashram Crew in April 2014, from left: Daniela, Germany; Dhamudraha, Canada; Anoop, India; Sonia, USA; Sivadas, Australia; Anisha & Subashini, India; front row: Yamuna, Japan; Saju, India.

    Growing hotter now, the ashram is a calm place to practice Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) in nature. With its special atmsophere, it attracts people from allover the world who always love to come back to visit "their" ashram again. No matter how many kilometers they have to travel...
    094 - on friday, "day off", you can relax in the pool, a short bus ride from the ashram, or a 20 min walk...

  • HOT! HOTTER...

    Summer!!! Our ashram becoming more and more a retreat for all who are seeking calmness in wilderness. The busy times with more than 100 TTC`s and Yoga Vacationers finished, we enjoy "family atmospphere" with wonderful outdoor satsangs under a sky full of stars. Join us:

    Join this blog: FebruarMärz  2014 Madurai 003
    Shri Meenakshi Ashram Madurai 005 - sometimes cooling system has to be rejuvenated in the nearby pool :)

  • Do frequent Yoga :)

    wanna be HAPPY??? Do frequent Yoga - Visit our ashram,


  • so, what happens???

    March 2014 003

    failed lip surgery??? Nope, an ant bite! - at 6.00am a bite into a banana which I took from the cupboard where we put them in to protect our food from monkeys. It was dark, I did not look onto the banana and a nice ant bit me. During Satsang (meditiation and mantra chanting), this incredible feeling that my lip is growing thicker and thicker...This "wonderful" feeling lasted for two days. Seems, we can use our ashram as well as surgery:) So, a new type of guests could find it interesting...

  • one year passed! Update!!!

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!- one year passed since last blogging.

    ight now, I`m again in Sivananda Ashram Madurai, where I spent most of last year: seven months in total. SeemsShri Meenakshi Ashram Madurai 006Initiation TTC February March 2014 003Initiation TTC February March 2014 006Shri Meenakshi Ashram Madurai 004, as if this year, this will be MORE than seven months. We`ll see...:)
    Pictures are as follows: first pic shows our huge but well DISCIPLINED group: over 50 people from around the world, India, US, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Philippines, Iran, Lebanon, Germany Pic 2: TTC Initiation with Swami Jnaneswariananda from Sivananda Centre in Milan, Italy. Pic 3 shows nightly learning in the dorm, feet UPPP!!!, so blood circulation is activated. Best detoxing exercise, I was told - and gooood for sleep...:)
    Pic 4: HAPPY faces at Graduation day with Swami Satchidananda, means: Existence, Knowledge and Bliss. sure, he IS. Knows a big deal of inspiring stories about life & enlightenment, BIIIG knowldege about the vedas and always good humoured...:)

  • one year passed! Update!!!

    yeah, one year since my last blogging. I could not enter the blog so far - spent most of the time in Sivananda Shri Meenakshi Ashram in Madurai. NEVER would I have ever assumed that I would do this: spending seven months in an Indian ashram. Interesting time: guests from all over the world, lots of communication in different languages, cultures, not always easy but challenging...YES, it was one of the most interesting times in my life and, probably, the one of the best decisions, I had ever taken. So, I came back, doing TTC now, secnd teacher`s exam after the german Yoga Vidya exam.
    this pic is Initiation with Swami Jnaneswariananda from Sivananda Centre MilanInitiation TTC February March 2014 006 - here: nightly learning for the exam with feet UPPP! best detoxing position, I was told and GOOOOD for sleep.
    Initiation TTC February March 2014 003Shri Meenakshi Ashram Madurai 004
    here, you can see happy faces with Swami Satchidananda, means: existence, knowledge and bliss. And, he surely IS existence, knowledge and bliss, he knows a lot, always an uplifting, interesting story at hand. Being in his presence, BLISS is near :)

  • An evening with Shri Shri

    New Year`s Eve Satsang with Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, founder of Art of Living, worldwide Yoga Organisation supporting poor people. Jai Gurudev! 001

    Jai Gurudev! 004

    Perfect start into a new year.

  • 2013 - experts speaking... - 2013: die Expertenmeinung

    here a short outlook into 2013: outlook dark but expert`s faces showing no expression. so it can`t be too hard.
    hier ein kleiner ausblick in das jahr 2013. Der Ausblick ist ziemlich düster, aber die Gesichter der Experten eher ausdruckslos. Sooo schlimm kann es also nicht werden...

    Der Prophet sagt:" Es wird wohl ein nachdenkliches, emotionales Mond-Jahr. bleibt nicht aus, dass man sich auf seine Gefühle konzentriert und nur so handelt, dass man sich gut fühlt."

    Our little prophet Elias tells us: "It will be a pensive year. Just concentrate on your feelings. Act like that."

  • Merry Christmas - Frohe Weihnacht - Buon Natale - Joyeux Noel

    For all of you waiting for " 12/21/12 World Under": this is NO message for you because I have to announce that the world will still be turning on. Our family got already the most beautiful christmas present: a baby boy, named Elia. With this prophet`s name, there will be no armageddon but happines and joy whereever people are capable to love each other.

    IMAG0395 - my favourite armageddon...

    Alle, die hier auf eine Stellungnahme zum 21.12.2012 warten, werden jetzt sehr enttäuscht sein, denn ich habe mitzuteilen, dass sich die Welt weiter drehen wird wie bisher. Unsere Familie hat bereits ihr schönstes Weihnachtsgeschenk bekommen: Elias, einen gesunden Baby-Jungen. Mit dem Namen des großen Propheten versehen, kann nicht Armageddon hereinbrechen. Vielmehr werden überall Freude und Glück sein, wo immer Menschen in der Lage sind, sich Liebe zu schenken.

    Frohe Weihnachten - merry christmas - buon natale - joyeux Noel - Feliz Navidad


  • Leaving the party...

    everyone/thing changing at the moment. I was listening to a lot of tragedies during past weeks. Time to retire.


    you won`t find so much to read & see here for some time. Don`t be astonished.

    Beach view from Waterina 005
    Shiva, goddess of transformation - Shiva, indische Gottheit, die für Umwandlungen im Leben steht. keine angst vor dem nichts: daraus entsteht neues!

    alles im umbruch derzeit. ich höre nur noch tragische geschichten. zeit für den rückzug.


    also nicht wundern, wenn hier für einige zeit nicht so viel zu lesen/sehen ist.

    hier noch ein paar BERLIN.SUMMER.PICS003 Strandbad Wannsee, ein heisser tag und viele leute - hot day & many people going for swimming at Strandbad Wannsee
    007 ein versteckter badeplatz, nur für mich allein - my hidden bathing place
    012 some really nice little parcs here in Berlin, mostly hidden behind big squares
    013 man glaubt es gar nicht: berlin hat ganz süße kleine gärten, die oft versteckt hinter den großen plätzen liegen.


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